WebDriver vs RC

Let’s discuss the difference between WebDriver vs RC in Selenium Automation Testing.

Web DriverRC
Selenium WebDriver is the advance version of RC. It overcome the limitations of the RC with some new features.Selenium RC is the older version of WebDriver. It is called Remote control because
In Selenium WebDriver. You can directly interact with the browsersIn Selenium RC, you do not need to directly interact with the Browser. With HTTP proxy, you can connect to browser remotely.
Architecture of the WebDriver is simpleArchitecture of Selenium RC is complex
WebDriver has a driver for each browser. e.g. if you want to run the test in Firefox then WebDriver will use Firefox Driver to run the automated test.Server which is written in java acts as a HTTP Proxy in Selenium RC.The server translates the command received over HTTP into JavaScript and ‘injected’ JavaScript functions into the browser.
WebDriver supports HtmlUnit driver which can run Test Script in headless mode.RC needs real browsers to run the test scripts.
Web driver cannot readily support new browsers since a driver code for new browser needs to be written to provide supportRC can support any browsers easily.
Addition to web application, WebDriver supports iPhone, android.RC supports only Web Application.
WebDriver has a big support community to supportRC has limited support team.
WebDriver connects the browsers using built-in support of browsers.RC injects JavaScript into browsers at the time of page load.
As WebDriver connects browsers directly then it behaves more like a user interactionThough RC injects JavaScript to connect to browsers. It acts almost similar manner.
WebDriver is FasterRC is slower as compared to WebDriver
You do not need to start server to execute the script in case of WebDriverYou need to run the Selenium RC server to execute the program
By default, WebDriver maintains page synchronizationRC does not support this feature
WebDriver APIs are more concise than RCWebDriver APIs are more concise than RC
By default, WebDriver maximize the browsersRC does not maximize the browsers by default.
WebDriver hides command history windowRC always shows the command history window.

In this section, we have discussed about WebDriver vs RC. In next section we will understand the Webdriver installation in our system.

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