JMeter Test Plan in details

In this section we will discuss on JMeter Test Plan in details.

JMeter Test Plan in details

JMeter Thread Group:

  • JMeter Thread group is the starting element of the Test plan.
  • It manages all threads that executes a test plan
  • At least one Thread Group per test plan should be created
  • Thread group control panel has several key component that you can set.
  • Each Thread group controls the following
    • Number of threads
    • Ramp-up time
    • Iteration of test 

JMeter Controllers:

Thera are two types of JMeter controllers

  • Samplers
  • Logic Controller
    • Samplers:
      • This defines what should happen
      • Several samplers are available which provides ability to send several request types like JDBC, HTTP etc
    • Logic Controller:
  • This controls how samples are executed
  • Several logic Controllers are available
  • This is required to Modify request
  • This Causes JMeter to repeat request

What is Logic Controller?

Logic controller is nothing but the control the sequence of request in a thread. For example, if you want to run the thread randomly or loop or simple, you can customize this in Logic controller.

Some commonly used logic controllers are

  • Simple controller
  • Recording Controller
  • Loop Controller
  • Random Controller
  • Module controller etc.

Let’s understand each controller in details

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