TestNG Interview Question

Following are the some basic and advanced Top TestNG Interview Question and answer for both beginner and experience Automation Tester. We have focused on Introduction to TestNG, Annotation , priority etc.

Before going ahead to TestNG Interview Question, please have a look on TestNG Tutorial to have some better understanding on the TestNG basic.

  1. What is TestNG?
  2. What is JUnit?
  3. What is Difference between TestNG and JUnit ?
  4. What is Annotation ?
  5. What is Exception Test ?
  6. What is Exception handling?
  7. What is Suite ?
  8. What is TimeOut ?
  9. What is Group Test?
  10. What is Parameterized Testing ?
  11. What is dependency test?
  12. What is @Before Annotation ?
  13. What is @After Annotation ?
  14. What is @BeforeMethod Annotation?
  15. What is @AfterMethod Annotation?
  16. What is @Test Annotation?
  17. What is @BeforeSuite Annotation?
  18. What is @AfterSuite Annotation?
  19. What is @BeforeTest Annotation?
  20. What is @AfterTest Annotation?
  21. What is @BeforeGroup Annotation?
  22. What is @AfterGroupWh Annotation?
  23. What is @DataProvider?
  24. What is Annotation Framework?
  25. What is Framework?
  26. What is TestNG XML file?
  27. What is Thread count ?
  28. What is Verbose?
  29. How to run test case parallel in TestNG?
  30. What is Time Out in TestNG XML File?
  31. What is IO Exception ?
  32. What is NullPointer Exception ?
  33. What is Arithmetic Exception?
  34. What is Priority ?
  35. Which one is the highest priority in TestNG?
  36. What is the sequence of execution is TestNG based on Priority?
  37. What is Groups in TestNG?
  38. How to exclude Test case in TestNG?
  39. How to Include specific test case in TestNG?
  40. What is Parallel Execution ?
  41. What is Session Handling ?
  42. What is TestNG dependency ?
  43. What is the use of dependsOnGroup?
  44. What is Listener?
  45. Is Listener Class or Interface?
  46. What are the method of ITestListener Interface ?
  47.  What is IReporter ?
  48. How to run multiple Test suite in TestNG?
  49. What is report Generation in TestNG?
  50. How you will customize PDF in TestNG?
  51. What are the Annotation Attributes?
  52. What is Soft Assertion?
  53. What is Hard Assertion?
  54. What is the difference between soft and hard Assertion ?
  55. What is TestNG Testing framework?
  56. How to create custom Graph, Pi chart etc?

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