Robot framework Set up

In previous tutorial, we have discussed about how Robot framework actually works. Now we will discuss about Robot framework set up.

To setup the Robot framework, we need multiple components, plugin etc. Below steps we need tp follow to proceed with Robot framework.

  1. Install Python
  2. Install PyCharm IDE
  3. Selenium installation
  4. Install Robot framework
  5. Install Robot framework Selenium Library

To work with Robot framework, we need some scripting language. It can be Java or Python. In this tutorial we will concentrate on Python. Python installation is very simple. If you have not done the Python installation in your system then you can navigate to Python Installation tutorial and resume from here to proceed further.

After Python Installation complete, next step is to install one IDE to write the scripting language. Here we will take PyCharm as IDE. Please follow PyCharm Installation guide to install PyCharm in your system.

Now we are ready for to proceed with plugin installation in our IDE to proceed with Robot framework.

Install Selenium:

To install Selenium in PyCharm, the pre-requisite is Python. Python is required to install Selenium library. Run below command in command prompt to check whether Python is installed properly in your system or not.

You can also check the version of Python from your PyCharm application in terminal section.

python –version
pip –version 
Robot framework Set up
Robot framework Set up

After verification of Python installation, you need to install Selenium inside your PyCharm. To install you need to run below command.

pip install selenium

This command will install the latest version of the selenium available in server.

Robot framework Set up

If selenium is already installed in your system then it will display below message.

pip uninstall selenium

Suppose you want to uninstall selenium then you need to run below uninstall command.

pip uninstall selenium

Once you run this command, it will ask you for confirmation of uninstall Selenium. If you give N then uninstallation will be canceled. It will initiate uninstallation of selenium on providing Y option.

pip uninstall selenium

 If you want to install some specific version of selenium then you need to use below pip command.

pip install selenium == 3.141.0

 Install Robot Framework

 Install Robot Framework

Once you have installed Selenium in Pycharm, you need to install, Robot framework. To install robotframework , then you need to use pip command as below.

pip install robotframework
 Install Robot Framework

After installation, if you want to verify whether the robot framework is installed properly or not and if you want to see the details of the robot framework version then you need to use below pip command.

pip show robotframeork
 Install Robot Framework

Same as show you can use check to check whether is there any broken requirement found or not in the robot framework

To uninstall robotframework from system, you need to use below pip command.

pip uninstall robotframework

If you want to install some specific version of robotframework then you need to use below pip command.

pip install robotframework == 3.1.2

To upgrade to the latest version of robotframework then you need use below pip command.

pip install –upgrade robotframework

Install Robotframework selenium library

Once you have installed selenium and robotframework library, you need to install robotframework-seleniumlibrary. To install you need to use below command.

pip install robotframework-seleniumlibrary 

To uninstall robotframework-seleniumlibrary you need to use below command.

pip uninstall robotframework-seleniumlibrary 

IntelliBotSeleniumLibrary Plugin (Robotframework IDE for PyCharm)

When you will write the robot framework file in the PyCharm, PyCharm is actually not finding the robot framework files directly. For Robot framework file .robot is the extension of the file.  So this “.robot” extension is not identified by PyCharm. To do this you need to install IntelliBotSeleniumLibrary Plugin.

This plugin is required to identify the robot framework files. And also it will give you auto syggestion keyword. In practical scenario you may not be able to remember all the keywords. For this if you will type 2-3 letters of the keywords, this plugin will give the auto suggestion for matching keywords.

To install IntelliBotSeleniumLibrary Plugin, you need to navigate to settings and Plugin section as below. Here you can search for IntelliBotSeleniumLibrary Plugin and click on install and apply.

Now we have understood how to perform Robot framework Set up in our system environment. Lets run a sample test case in next tutorial.

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