Robot Framework Introduction

In this tutorial, we will learn a new framework in Selenium Python which is known as Robot Framework. Robot Framework is one of the popular framework in Selenium Python which can be used in many domain including Telecom, Web Automation, Healthcare etc. Let’s discuss now about Robot Framework Introduction.

In this tutorial of Robot framework, we will discuss about what is Robot Framework, How it working, How it is different from other framework like TestNG, PyTest, JUnit etc. Also we will learn how to set up the Robot framework in our system.

Robot Framework

What is Robot Framework ?

Robot framework is generally the Acceptance Test Driven Framework. In software industry, we have several framework in terms of different testing type like Functional Testing, Unit Testing, Regression Testing, Acceptance Testing, Integration Testing etc. Robot framework is one of them and which deals with Acceptance Testing.

Before going into deep of Robot Framework, let’s understand some fact related to Acceptance Testing.

What is Acceptance Testing and who is performing Acceptance Testing?

Acceptance Testing is basically called as Business level Testing. These testing are mainly performed based on the Acceptance criteria provided in each User story/ Requirement. By following this testing, we need to make sure that the requirement is fulfilled only when all Acceptance test case / Acceptance criteria will be passed.

Why Acceptance testing is important ?

Acceptance testing mainly performed by the customer or the end user. They may want to automate the testing what ever they want to test. But they do not have access to the Functional automation testing which might be written in TestNG, Junit, PyTest etc. Also they may face struggle to understand the automation script as it’s mainly written in scripting language. Addition to understanding, they will not able to change the test case if they want to modify some part of test case because to update the TestNG/ JUnit/ PyTest test cases they may need programming knowledge.

This is why Acceptance testing is important for software industry which can be performed by the customer or end user.

There are many Acceptance automation testing is available in software industry. Robot framework is one of them. Addition to this we also have BDD framework which can support the Acceptance testing also.

Which concept Robot Framework Support

Robot framework is basically known as ATDD framework. ATDD stands for Acceptance Test Driven Framework.

Robot framework mainly supports Keyword Driven testing Approach. Keyword driven testing approach is nothing but the testing framework which is based on the Keywords. For any action we need a keyword to perform. E.g we need to click the link. For this we can use the keyword “Click the link” and in argument we will pass the hyperlink element on which we need to click. Similarly there are number of keywords are provided by Robot framework. We need to understand all the keyword so that it will be easy to write the test cases. We will discuss about all those keywords later section.

Addition to the keyword, Robot framework also provided many libraries for Java or Python. So both Java and Python support Robot Framework. Also Robot framework provided the flexibility to write the custom library / keyword by using the custom keyword.

The biggest advantage of the Robot framework is to work with Robot framework, you do not need any programming language for basic functionality. If you want to write the advance test case then you may need to know about the scripting language either java or python.

In this tutorial we will focus on the Python script with Selenium to automat the testcases by using Robot Framework.


Let’s Summarize the basic features of Robot Framework.

  1. It is a generic automation testing framework for Acceptance testing.
  2. Based on the Keyword Driven Testing framework.
  3. Provides Libraries for Java and Python.
  4. Provides flexibility to customize the library by using the built in libraries.
  5. Not much technical programming knowledge required.  

In this tutorial we have discussed about Robot Framework Introduction, In next section we will discuss some advantage of Robot framework.

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