Robot framework Architecture

In previous tutorial, we have discussed about how simple the Robot framework is. In this tutorial we will understand Robot framework Architecture.

From the previous section, you have understood that Robot framework contains the libraries for example Built-In Library, Selenium Library, DB Library, DateTime Library etc. All this libraries are generally deployed either in Java or Python. To get all the mentioned libraries, we need to install Robot Framework. Once we install Robot framework, all these libraries will be added in to your application. but we need to install all the libraries explicitly.

Now you may ask what libraries contains. Libraries contains many keywords which can be used to automate your application. For example, to work with WebDriver, you need to use Selenium library and it has some keyword which can use the WebDriver functionality. You need to use jus the keyword to work with WebDriver.

Sow How the Robot frameworks works ?

Let’s discuss the working architecture of Robot framework in simple ways.

  1. To proceed with Robot Framework, first we need a IDE where we will write the Robot framework script using some keywords.
  2. When we run the script, then it will ping to the libraries based on your script and keywords in libraries got implemented.
  3. This implementation then talks to the browser.

The another component of Robot framework architecture is Robot framework IDE. There are many IDE available in market for Robot framework like RIDE, PyCharm with Intellibot plugin. Intelliboot plugin provide set of number of features to work with Robot framework. This plugin can find all the files from the Robot framework. RIDE IDE is specially for Robot framework.

Robot framework Architecture

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