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Welcome to your TestNG Quiz Intermediate Level

TestNG Intermediate Quiz

For your information, please note that this Java quiz Intermediate Level has only single choice questions. Read each and every questions carefully before you start answering. You will have 10 min to complete the quiz. Press the Start quiz button to initiate the quiz. Once complete you press Finish button to complete the test.

After completion of test you can see your quiz result with sharing option, You can share your quiz result to social media like Facebook, Instagram etc.

Note: You can view all the answers at the end of this quiz. After timer finished count downing, quiz will be submitted automatically.

Which of the following statements are true regarding the code provided below?


Which of the following interface need to be implemented to create a custom listener?

Which of the following are the tasks build tool commonly performed?

Which of the following are the valid Hudson build trigger?

Which of the following is the default TestNG report output folder?

Which of the following Ant terminology corresponding to a command?

Which of the following are parameters associated with multithread in testing.xml?

Which of the following are benefits of TestNG multithreading?

Which of the following are the SVN command?

Which of the following pom.xml elements are children of ?

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