TestNG Quiz Basic Level

Welcome to your TestNG Quiz Basic Level

For your information, please note that this TestNG quiz has only single choice questions. Read each and every questions carefully before you start answering.. You will have 10 min to complete the quiz. Press the Start quiz button to initiate the quiz. Once complete you press Finish button to complete the test.

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Note: You can view all the answers at the end of this quiz. Best of luck for TestNG Quiz Basic Level

Where can we search and install TestNG plugin in Eclipse?

Which of the following features are true about TestNG?

Add description here!

Which of the following are TestNG Annotation?

Please arrange the following annotation in order of Execution?

  1. @BeforeClass
  2. @BeforeSuite
  3. @BeforeTest
  4. @BeforeMethod
  5. @BeforeGroup

Which OS is compatible with Eclipse IDE?

Which of the following tags defines the correct order in testing,xml from outer to inner?

What is the use of file testing.xml?

Which makes a test method?

What are the benefits of TestNG?

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