LTE Testing Quiz Intermediate Level

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Which identifier UE sends while sending the RACH preamble?

Which are the functionalities of RLC TM mode?

  1. It does not add or remove any header to the input data
  2. It does split the input data into multiple segment
  3. It does not combine he multiple input data into a single big chunk
  4. The only operation being done in this mode is a buffering operation, but this buffering operation is also very simple. It just keeps the input data fir a certain amount od or until next input data come in. It just discard it If it does not get transmitted within a certain time frame.

Which network entity does the buffering of downlink data, when UE is in idle mode?

Which protocol performs segmentation and reassembly of PDCP packets into smaller blocks and ARQ retransmission?

Which 3GPP release CA and MIMO have been introduced?

Which 3GPP release location-based service have been introduced?

Which 3GPP release CoMP have been introduced?

Select different types of Handovers in LTE networks?

LTE is

How many SRB’s have been defined in LTE?

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