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For your information, please note that this LTE Testing quiz basic level has only single choice questions. Read each and every questions carefully before you start answering.You will have 10 min to complete the quiz. Press the Start quiz button to initiate the quiz. Once complete you press Finish button to complete the test.

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Note: You can view all the answers at the end of this quiz. Best of luck for LTE Testing Quiz Pro Level

Which among the following SRBs in LTE ha the highest priority?

In what scenario, does UW trigger RRC Connection Reestablishment?

  1. Upon detecting Radio Link Failure
  2. Handover Failure
  3. Mobility from E-UTRA failure
  4. Integrity Failure indication Received from Lower Layers
  5. RRC Connection Reconfiguration Failure

What are the logical Channel through HARQ?

Are all MAC, RLC and PDCP PDU’SDU’s byte aligned?

Select the right logical channel used to transmit the MIB below option?

What are the SRB’s logical channel, RRC message are being used by AM mode?

Which system information has to read mandatory for the UE to perform cell reselection?

What are the SRB’s, logical channel, RRC message are being used by TM Mode?

Which of the following message transferred via SRB0?

In which SIB message will send the scheduling information of the other SIB’s?

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