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1. Is hashmap an ordered collection?
2. Which of these method is used to reduce the capacity of an ArrayList Object
3. Which of the below does not implement Map Interface ?
4. How to sort the elements of ArrayList?
5. Map Implements collection interface?
6. Which of the following is a correct constructor for the thread?
7. What is these keywords must be used to inherit a class?
8. Which of these method waits for the thread to terminate?
9. Which of these data types is used by operating system to manage the Recursion in java?
10. What happens if constructor of class A is made private?
11. What will happen of two thread of same priority are called to be processed simultaneously?
12. What is the use of Interpreter?
13. Which of the following will ensure the thread will be in running state?
14. Which of these access specifiers must be used for main() method
15. Which of these are types multitasking?
16. Which component is responsible for converting bytecode into machine specific code?
17. Which of these keywords are used to implement synchronization?
18. Which of the below is not a memory leak solution?

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