Cucumber BDD Quiz Intermediate Level

Welcome to your Cucumber BDD Quiz Intermediate Level


For your information, please note that this Cucumber quiz has only single choice questions. Read each and every questions carefully before you start answering.. You will have 10 min to complete the quiz. Press the Start quiz button to initiate the quiz. Once complete you press Finish button to complete the test.

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Note: You can view all the answers at the end of this quiz. Best of luck for Cucumber Quiz Intermediate Level.

While using a scenario outline, which character are used to delimit the placeholder for your Examples table?

Which of these following statement accurately describe characteristics of Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) when compared to Behavior Driven Development(BDD)?

You are working with a data table and you want to use of reference of that data table in your step definitions as a multi-dimensional array. Assuming the name of the argument your step passes when capturing the table is “Table” and the array is to be named “@vehicle” which of those will accomplish your requirement

Step definition usually resides in the features/ step definitions / directory. Cucumber expects your step definition file to eb named in a specific format. What must your step definition filename end with?

You are working with nested steps in cucumber and you see the built in cucumber ‘steps’ method to define a number of lower level steps. Which Ruby construct can you employ to indicate that you have a string that will go across multiple lines?

The World object can be used to pass instance variables by defining instance variable in a module and using Cucumber’s World method to mix that module in to the World Project. Which of these statements describes the subsequent functions of the world object?

Gherkin assist in providing which of these purposes?

Cucumber makes extensive use of character classes and quantifiers to match strings. You want to match and integer value of 100 using regex character classes and quantifiers. Which od these produces an exact match?

Each scenario in feature file contains lists of steps that begin with which of the following keywords?

Which of these following statements accurately describe background?

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