Introduction to Performance Testing

In this section we will discuss on the Introduction to Performance Testing

Now a days, websites and user are drastically increasing. In today’s advanced digital world the response of the website should follow some rules. Unnecessary delay in Page loading and response from server of the website would create bad experience. One of the best rules to follow is Performance of Web. From the research this has been examined that only 0.1 second delay in page loading time result 5% fewer conversion and 8% fewer Page views. Industry may loose more than $1 million every year. Therefore, Organization prefer doing Performance and Load Testing before launching and application and should fix the performance issue

What is Performance Testing

Before starting the JMeter, We need to understand the important aspects of Performance Testing. Performance Testing is the process of evaluating the speed, stability response time, Bandwidth, throughput etc. of a computer, network model, software program or device under various workload. It uncovers what needs to be improve before the product goes to market. Performance testing will determine whether the software/ Website needs speed, scalability, under expected workflows. Application send to market with poor performance testing would lead to bad reputation and failed to meet expectation revenue.  

A slow website results a worst experience to user and cost too much money for the industry to fix that. The Website may be working fine when you are developing and testing but when it went to live the Performance issue may started. The reasoning is that when you are doing functional testing or Regression Testing, you are doing with 2 or 3 users. So, website works fine as the server works fine. But in real scenario for example flight booking during the Christmas/ New year there is a huge load on the website. So, the website start working weirdly. Sometimes website start crashing, or it is not giving response in time. This hamper the business a lot. So, it is strongly recommended to perform the Load Testing or Performance Testing before site live.

Tools for Performance Testing

There are a lot of tool exist in Software industry to perform Performance Testing.

  • Apache JMeter
  • Load Runner
  • Blazemeter
  • WebLOAD
  • LoadNinja
  • LoadView
  • LoadUI NG Pro
  • Apache JMeter
  • LoadRunner
  • Appvance
  • NeoLoad
  • LoadComplete
  • WAPT
  • Loadster
  • LoadImpact
  • Rational Performance Tester
  • Testing Anywhere

Among all the tool listed above the Most powerful tool is JMeter. Now we have done with the Introduction to Performance Testing. We will focus on JMeter in upcoming section.

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