Introduction to Framework

In this section,  we will discuss on the topic which is very important for all Automation testers. This is called Introduction to Framework in Selenium and how it will help to the Automation Testers to write automation test script very easily.

It is very important topic for all the techies who are willing to work on Automation Testing, who are working on the automation Testing and who are willing to attend the interviews in automation testing.  Every Automation Testers may very often faced the question on Framework and also in daily work routine.

After following this section, all your doubts on Framework will be cleared.


  • What is Framework
  • Real Life Scenario

What is Framework?

Before going into deep on Introduction to Framework in Selenium, let’s first check what is Framework means.

In Normal language, “Basic Structure of Something is called Framework”.

Real life Example:

So what do you mean basic structure? Let’s think of you home. Your home has some structure. Inside that you can keep all our things based on requirement. Like you can put your clothes inside your almirah, you can keep you  books on your shelf, you can put the bed each room for sleeping. You can keep your shoes in shoe rack outside of your house.

So there is a rule for how you will keep your stuffs inside your house. You cannot put shoe in your almirah, or you cannot put Bed inside your shelf.

There is 2 things come to mind now.

  • Basic Structure
  • Rule

Here Basic structure is our house and Rule how we will use the each component of our house  which is called Protocols.

Let’s discuss another  real-life example to understand the Framework.

Real life Example – Airport

Let’s Imagine you are in Airport now.

  • You have done the online ticket from MakeMyTrip or any other Website. Then you will show your ticket and, ID card to security and enter the Airport. Then where you will go? You will visit to counter to get your boarding pass and put your checking bags, Right ?
  • Now you have given the check-in bags and taken the Boarding pass. Then what to do next?
  • You will go to for security check-ins. Some Airport has ladder to go to Security check-ins like Bangalore.
  • Now after reaching to security check-ins, you will put your handbags for scanning, and you proceed for security check-ins .
  • After that you can wait in lounge for you time to departure.
  • Once  your departure time arrives, you can proceed for boarding and board to the Flight. Then after everything done, your flight will depart from the airport to the destination.
  • Once you reach your destination, it will go to the Belt to collect your check-in bags.

This is how you are travelling in Flight.

Introduction to Framework
Real life Example – Airport

But have you noticed that Airport is worked as Framework ?

Yes, if we consider Airport as Framework then it has many components which are structured properly to process all work smoothly.

  • All ticket counter are in one place
  • All Security check-ins are in one place
  • Belts for collecting the Check-ins bag are in one place

By accessing different components in one place will easy to handle and process smoothly. Let’s think if we have some ticket counter outside of the Airport and some near waiting area then it will be difficult to handle and maintain.  

Apart from having components in place we can see that Each components are arranged in such a way that you can travel smoothly  from ticket booking till Collecting Check-ins bag.  i.e. first people will go for boarding pass then they will visit the Security check-ins. If flight time is delayed they can wait in waiting area and so on.

In this way exactly Framework is working.


  • “Basic Structure of Something is called Framework”.
  • So accessing different components in one place will easy to handle and process smoothly.

Till now we have understood some basic introduction to Framework. In next section we will discuss about some advance topic on Framework in Selenium.

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