JMeter Installation

In this section we will discuss on JMeter Installation. As we understood from the previous section that JMeter is purely java desktop application. It requires JVM to run the JMeter. Most of the OS are compatible with JMeter.

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS
  • Ubuntu

We need to follow below steps to install JMeter application. Let’s discuss each step briefly.

Step – 1: Install java

To download the java application, go to Link and click on “Java” download button. This will allow you to download java application to your system.

JMeter Installation

You can verify whether Java is installed in your system or not from command prompt.


Step – 2: Download JMeter

Once your have complete the java installation in your system then you need to download JMeter application. To download JMeter application, go to link and click on the   apache-JMeter link as shown in below screenshot. Once zip file is downloaded, save this zip file in C drive or D drive. You can save anywhere in your system but make sure that that drive has enough space.


Step – 3: Extract JMeter

After saving the zip file, you need to extract and save in the same drive, if you want you can change the name of the folder as you wanted.


Now JMeter installation is complete.

Step – 4: Launch JMeter

To launch the JMeter, go to bin folder of the JMeter file. Search for jmeter.bat file and open.

This will open the GUI Mode of JMeter.

GUI mode

From the above section, we have understood how to install the JMeter in our local system. Once you complete the JMeter installation in your system you can see the home page of the GUI mode of JMeter. In GUI mode, you can see Test Plan which is the root folder for the test script. In next section we will discuss some mote details on Test plan.

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