History of Selenium

In Previous section, we have understood some basics of Selenium. Now we will discuss some History of Selenium. As this is not much important with respect to Interview and working in live project, but we should know about the creator of the tool which we will be working on.

Selenium is Open source automation testing tool which is the most popular now days. Do you know who designed this awesome automation tool. Let’s discuss about the history of Selenium.

Mostly 4 person is behind the design selenium automation testing tool.

  • Jason Huggins from ThoughtWorks, Chicago
  • Paul Hammant from ThoughtWorks
  • Shinya Kasatani
  • Simon Stewart at ThoughtWorks

Jason Huggins build core mode of Selenium which was known as “JavaScriptTestRunner” in the year 2004. He was testing the web application (Time and Expenses) by using this JavaScriptTestRunner. He developed this in the way that people can test the application using the Keyword driven framework.

After some years, Paul Hammant build Selenium 1 / Selenium RC. It overcomes the limitations of the Selenium core. It has Selenium client and Selenium Server. So client sends the request to server and server use the JavaScript to drive the browsers.

Shinya Kasatani developed Selenium IDE which added the heart to selenium. This requires least programming language for making the application automation. He use the concept of the Selenium core and plugged this to Firefox browsers. It has the record and play functionality which makes easy the automation world.

In 2007, Simon Stewart developed another automation testing tool (Selenium WebDriver) which did not rely on the JavaScript. This is known as Selenium 2 now a days.

Hope you enjoyed this trip to the past. See you again in another post. Have a great day!

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