Advantages of WebDriver Over RC

In this section, we will concentrate on Advantages of WebDriver. Selenium is an automation testing tool consist of 3 components i.e. Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver. Now a days, Selenium WebDriver is the latest and advance version in Selenium which is known as popular Selenium automation tool.

Let’s discuss the advantages of Selenium WebDriver over Selenium RC in this section. 

Though Selenium WebDriver has the lots of advantage over the RC, It has some limitation. Some of are:

  • Selenium RC generates the HTML reports of the test report automatically. The format of the report is pre-set in RC. But selenium WebDriver has no built-in function of commands to generate the Result.  You need to reply on IDE’ window or design the custom design by using capabilities.
  • Different browsers communicate with different OS in different ways as it is operated on OS level not browsers. If new browser launch, then it may have different ways to communicating with OS as compared to other existing browsers.
  • However, it is up to developer of WebDriver team to decide if they should support the new browser or not.
  • Selenium always required to start server before executing the test script. But Selenium IDE does not require to start.
  • Selenium WebDriver is a actual core API which has binding in a range of language whereas RC is a standalone java program which allow you to execute but in Selenium IDE is a plugin for GUI.
  • WebDriver supports to test IPhone and Android application whereas Selenium RC does not support.
  • Selenium WebDriver supports the implementation of listeners whereas Selenium RC does not.
  • WebDriver interacts natively with real browser application whereas RC is JavaScript based.
  • WebDriver supports the moving mouse cursor events but RC does not.

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